Download and complete a claim form, and email your completed form and receipt /s to [email protected] with your name and member number in the subject line. CLAIM FORM. 1 Your details. 2 Hospital service details. 3 Statement by member. 4 Details of claim. 5 Details for payment of benefits. 6 Declaration by member. If you get ill while studying, your Overseas Student Health Cover with ahm .. Fill in a claim form, include receipts and mail it to (no postage stamp required).

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Again, please have a look at the very straightforward product guide to see what and how much you can claim. I have spoken to 3 of their customer assistance people on the phone – they were really fantastic at answering all of my questions, were really thorough in making sure I understood my insurance and how to claim etc. They aggressively pushed a product on me that they knew was not going to meet my greatest need in an insurance product, despite me telling them multiple times what I was looking for.

There are several things that I dislike which include high tax rates, car salesman, real estate agents and insurance companies. So far so good – I should have switched ages ago! Insurance claim made Incompetent customer service. Very professional and helpful staff. Above and beyond what I expected of an insurance company, they actually seemed human. Just one other thing, check your services provider is an approved supplier first before going gung-ho with spending hundreds on services.

Insurance claim made AHMmm, not a big fan, She spent the best part of an hour discussing the best options for me, and explaining the various choices in detail, and with obviously thorough knowledge of what she was talking about.

How can i leave this shady mob? Insurance claim made Terrible. Jamie asked on Mar 05, I left AHM to go to another and they responded by harassing me calling up to 3 times a day.

Best Insurance company so far We have used. My experience with AHM so far has been excellent. Whenever I answered the call the representative would hang up. No care for loyal customers. Customer service is amazing and super helpful. Their product guide was really clear on what they cover. Whether it’s for your teeth, gums, falses, glasses, remedial massage or feet, this particular cover eliminates several of the holes in Australia’s Medicare system.


AHM deserves more than 5 stars. He is no longer working and we are down to just my income. I have the super extras cover only and the way it’s structured is really useful. Extremely misleading and poor service. I have white classics, it covers most conditions.

Insurance claim made Worst customer service.

I have been a member on and off over the last few years and only take clqim out when me and my partner need to get some dental work at short notice. I wasted a lot of time following up on their 1 month free promo.

Many extras included, most worthwhile. They simply have no motivation to a good customer experience.

Medicare Two-way claim form (MS001)

I was advised to lower or cancel my policy, but both options means the waiting periods clami and they can’t help me. Customer caim didn’t care about the lack of communication and were only interested in the payment. Helpful with saving me money. Waiting time appears to be minutes to cancel policies. Claims are done within a day and almost everything has no wait periods.

Month after month, they charged me the full amount when I should have gotten the 2nd month free.

If they want to partner with a dental practice it should be one that a dentist solely owns and has their name on the practice. They made it easier by explaining exactly what health fund could offer me a large saving plus exactly the health product that from me an my situa Was this ahj helpful?

A welcome call will come in the next few days to answer any questions you might have. They were easy to sign up with, great service over the phone, really quick and easy claims process and excellent limits for extras.

Horrible customer service, either a crappy company or a company that hires crappy people. Dimple posted on Jul 03, Upon receiving the phone call I was in a position where I was unable to provide my card details to which I was told the outstanding amount would be taken out of my next direct debit, which I was fine about.

Further, when I called back to withdraw my consent to signing onto the product, the woman on the other vlaim of the line was condescending, passive aggressive, and patronising cliam me. Hospital cover yes, extras no Downhill Madman replied on Jul 15, Avoid at all cost.

Apart from phone calls, no other line of communication was expressed i. Fast forward 2 months, I received a phone call stating that the future transactions had been cancelled and had 2 months of premiums owing and my cover was no longer “financially current”.


Hi most funds try and get you to have made the claims within 12 months of you paying for a service, but it can vary depending aym your provider. Im still waiting for them to fix an issue that happened 6 months ago. How long I need to claim the form online since I got the receipt?