Please contact [email protected] for permission for submission in publications. Saxophone Altissimo Fingering Chart. Fingerings for altissimo F / G. # b. Altissimo is increasingly becoming a standard part of any saxophone players They differ from instrument to instrument, the fingering chart here show fingerings . This page illustrates the fingerings for notes in the altissimo register. use for the altissimo register,and you can find a few more complete charts on the Internet.

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T —23 f ——— Eb. Works well in chromatic passages and in combination with F6 T f1—— ——— and F 6 T f1—— f ——.

T Eb D —2— —2—. T 1—— C Bb ———. Stable and in tune, but awkward in fast passages. Please check your email and follow the instructions.

T f——— Bb 1—— Eb. TM T Eb f——3 ——— For tenor. JL T 1—3 Bb ——— For baritone.

Although it is very high, this should be quite an easy note to blow. Easy and in tune. Yes, please subscribe me a,to mailing list. T C Bb ———. Yes No, everything should be free No, I am too mean to even consider a small donation Other. A good question, to which the answer might be yes and no.

T ——3 C ——. T —2— —2— Eb. VK G 7 T —2— 12— Good for tenor. More Audio and Video. Good for alto and tenor.

Saxophone Altissimo

T Eb 1—— ———. T f——— G Bb ———. T —2— —2— Eb. T —2— 12— Eb.

Fingering chart – Altissimo register

GM T f——— Bb ——— Good for tenor. T Eb D —2— 12— Eb.

Would you consider a donation? T ——— 1—3 Eb. PK T f—2— 12— Good for alto.

GM T —2— 1—— Good for alto and tenor. Under exceptional circumstances weather, strikes, customs delays it can take longer. Out of stock backorders or special orders Out of stock books and DVDs are generally restocked within a week. T D —23 ——3. T f——3 Bb 12—. Please use the main contact form if you have any messages or queries. I would like to be on alyissimo occasional mailing list, which qualifies me to receive downloads and and receive news of more downloads etc.