12 May I can never find the bloody instructions for the light on our Biorb fish tank and it’s not the most intuitive piece of equipment I’ve ever used so I. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Reef One biOrb Aquarium. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for? Please try. A distinctive shape with three transparent sides – this biOrb is a unique and Also as an aquarium – the biOrb comes with everything you need to create a.

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Air pump The pump for water circulation runs with low voltage and is compatible with the biOrb transformer.

Manual – Reef One biOrb Aquarium

Routine maintenance should be carried out at least every months depending on stocking and feeding levels. You can also hold the button for 1 flash to start the standard cycle at that time. We are going to use the 4 gallon Baby BiOrb for the example of our set up.

Those may include any BiOrb OrnamentsBiOrb Plants or any other decorations to make your tank as aesthetically pleasing as possible. To exit, disconnect from power. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This will take a further 1 hour. If you press the button while the blue light is illuminated the blue light will stop blinking but will stay illuminated. You might expect it to be pressed in and then pop up when you remove your finger.

The rest will settle in the filter over a day or two. When you press the button you will need to keep the pressure on the button until you have achieved the proper amount of flashes that corresponds with the cycle you wish your light to be set. You must log in to post a comment. Notify me of new posts by email. Hope someone else finds this of use. Safe power supply through low 12 volt, two connections available for the light unit and the air pump. Regularly diluting the aquarium water should keep these nutrients to a safe level.

What are the water preparation chemicals?

On your bills by using less power for the same brightness! There are two different things that will happen when you press the button. Other things the Biorb Intelligent LED Light can do when the bubble button is held down for… Hold — to delay 24 hour cycle 1x flash — Normal 24 hour light cycle will start from this time of day 2 x flash — Daylight is turned off for 2 hours and then resumes previous cycle blue LED is not affected by this and will remain on.

It depends which lighting unit you have installed. One caution with the Ceramic Media — you will need to remove any piece that is smaller than a pea so that it does not enter the filtration system. In order to add additional protection from items entering your filtration system we would advise that you purchase and attach to your BiOrb Bubble Tube the BiOrb Bubble Tube Guard. The life of the carbon and resins in the filter cartridge is limited so the filter cartridge must be replaced at least every 8 weeks.

Why do partial water changes? Intelligent light, my arse.

Reef One biOrb Aquarium

Ideal for watching movies or when doing maintenance. Lastly, you need to decide what foundation you are going to use for the tank; whether that be a table, a desk, or even a BiOrb Acrylic Stand.

The sunrise and sunset function has both the LED Light and the Blue Moonlight on at the same time giving it the sensation that the sun is either coming up or going down.

I hate that bloody thing! Luckily, this high tech fish tank does not require tech support to maintain. Place the light unit on top of the tank. Design aquarium Colored Design-Aquarium hem boardered Aquarium in innovative design in various colours.

The blue light will continue to stay illuminated throughout the process.