About the Author. Thomas Kyte is vice president of the Core Technologies Group at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company since version was. Expert One-On-One Oracle has 60 ratings and 3 reviews. Lawrence said: Tom Kyte is simply the best Oracle expert for me. His thoroughness, extreme compete. 10 Nov A proven best-seller by the most recognized Oracle expert in the world. * The best Oracle book ever written. It defines what Oracle really is, and.

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The books kyts getting so costly only guys working in MNCs can buy them. I would pay a pretty penny to have your book available in electronic format as a reference while I am doing my traveling consultant bit.

Expert One-on-One Oracle: Thomas Kyte: : Books

Taking us through analysis, design, test, and deployment? Many Books September 03, – 8: I’d buy all 3 at once.

Expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte Jordan from Germany. Proliferation of the index on PDF would not hurt book sales and likely help them.

The database just seems to be getting more and more complex. See and discover other items: Open Preview See a Problem? September 16, – This book will provide you with the necessary details so that you can get started. Look forward for your next publication.

Multi-volume sounds interesting, but if you break it into developer stuff and DBA stuff, a lot of developers might just buy the developers reference, and miss out on important info from the other book.

There is no question too dumb.

If I understand correctly you don’t have to write insert, update, delete Get a headstart by learning how it can improve your companies work processes and productivity. Unless it becomes reeaaaaaaly big, then I would split it.

I mean, let’s face it this isn’t the Exxpert Britannica, it’s a tech ref.

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Wayne Marken rated it it was amazing Jun 12, Each Volumn covering different areas. First thanks a million for your wonderful support and help on almost all sorts of oracle issues I face during work.

I am sure other people would definately like to know about you I love to read Expert One On One in the bus. The Oracle docs cover the various API’s and utilities exhaustively but there is a dearth of information about how those tools are best applied and used. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Gary from Sydney, Aus. I would still buy the whole set and, once done with the initial read-through, either would sit in my bookcase, next to my computer, as a reference, just as well.

There are too much topics, and normally one don’t read about them or practice, until one needs it or until one get a lot of free time. September 17, – 2: Include a Bh of the book text that can be carried around with you but have a single volume. Whatever else you wanted to go in 1st edition but could expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte put due to space limitations To me the important thing is to expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte leave out content due to space restriction – given that if it is easy to have orracle volumes, so be it.

I’m sure everyone who work with Oracle Database in any fashion can learn something from it.

See all 70 reviews. I’ll buy it all either way as would probably most of your readers. Khte 1 volume was too heavy to carry, 2 would be too cumbersome. Randy from Austin, TX. This chapter would include how to interview someone and what to know before going on an interview.

Second Edition of “Expert One on One Oracle”

Book September 02, – 5: You can expand oracpe multi-volume set with more frequent update. How do you map object oriented front ends to data models? The simple approach and explaining by example oh simply great. Robert from Memphis, USA.

September 02, – 8: Auditor is provided a computer designed random sample with an opportunity to fine tune. I have found every technical book i kyye readen in spanish my mother language is that they are filled up with bugs and incorrect data. Kevin from Leesburg, Va. Expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte is a very generous with his time, but also perpetually busy answering questions on his web site he was connected with a laptop and cell phone before he started the presentation.

And off-course I also read some of the recommended bby within it e. Thank you very much for your outstanding job for Oracle community, I am so looking forward for your next book! That’s also why I would hesitate to buy a 2nd edition; the basic idea of the book wouldn’t expert one on one oracle by thomas kyte much I guess.

My vote September 14, – Dave Hemming from Birmingham, UK.