The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ was originally published in by its author, the Russian-born and well-traveled aristocrat, Nicolas Notovitch. It consists of a. The Unknown Life. OF. JESUS CHRIST. Bv the Discoverer of the Manuscript. NICOLAS NOTOVITCH. Translated from the French by. ALEXINA LORANGER. The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ has ratings and 29 reviews. Rama said: The Indian gospel of Jesus Christ summarized by NotovitchLong before J.

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Interesting story– worthwhile whether or not it has any basis in reality. I read this book years ago.

Canonical Gospels record the history of Jesus until he was 12 and then start again at the age of 30, but the intervening 18 years of his youth is unaccounted for.

Nicolas Notovitch

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Skorupski, The unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch Cultural Heritage of Ladakhp. See All Goodreads Deals…. Although he was not impressed with his story, Sir Francis Younghusband recalls his meeting with Nicolas Notovitch near Skardunot long after Notovitch had left Hemis monastery. A great book that brings a lot of the lies given by religious leaders into focus.

Notovitch says that he himself afterward grouped the verses “in accordance with the requirements of the narrative. There’s nothing that contradicts my views on Jesus here,and pleanty that enhances my understanding of the the Nazarene. Views Read Edit View history. Whoso doth not respect his mother—the most sacred being after his God—is unwor I skipped Nicolas’ journey and went straight for the Issa Texts. The scrolls in Hemis and all that story about an evil Pontious Pilates was made up by him in order to redeem the Jews of his time.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ 3. It continues to be printed in new editions and is still passed off as genuine. This account was supposed to have been written shortly after Jesus’ death. Even for a non-fundamentalist, there are a number of things in the book that make it hard to swallow as genuinely being the unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch it claims. The first part of the book is the translator’s heavily edited account of the original author’s account of his travels to the region.

By using this site, you the unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While Notovitch is convalescing from a broken leg, an ancient manuscript read to him about Issa. There is a huge gap in the biography from puberty until about three years before the crucifixion.

Nothing concrete, a fanciful account! While visiting a Buddhist convent, he learned from the chief Lama that there existed very ancient memoirs in the archives of Lassa Lhasa Tibet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Little did he know what he would learn. Dec 22, Daniel rated it it was amazing. The lamas at the monastery confirmed to him that Notovich was indeed brought to the monastery with a broken leg and he was nursed there for a month and a half.

Such is the case with religion. There is only one reference to Jesus’ whereabouts; Luke 2.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch

This was translated into Tibetan language by the Buddhist Lamas. Jesus stirs up a caste war against the Brahmins and has unkniwn leave India.

Although Notovitch had been discredited in Europe, Swami Abhedanandahcrist contemporary and colleague of Swami Vivekanandavisited the Hemis monastery in to verify the reports of Notovich that he had heard the previous year in the USA. Retrieved from ” https: The unknown life of jesus christ nicolas notovitch and try again. The book that started it all! That fact certainly takes away from the interesting accounts of Nicolas’ trek through India if he even was there in the first place!

The use of the word “Pagan” is a typical medieval Catholic usage.

Upon this, an old woman who had approached the group, to better hear Issa, was pushed aside by one of the disguised men, who placed himself before her. Jun 12, Alex Hukill rated it it was ok. Archibald Douglaswho was a professor of English and History at the Government College in Agrathen visited the Hemis monastery to interview the head lama, who stated yet again that Notovitch had never been there and that no such documents existed.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch – Free Ebook

Just a preface here, though it probably isn’t needed- this entire book was fabricated by the author. The entire story was invented by Notovitch, who earned a good deal of money and a substantial amount unlnown notoriety for his hoax.

The influence of Buddhist and Hindu teachings in Indian subcontinent was significant The Indian gospel of Jesus Christ summarized by Notovitch Long before Jesus was unknoen, India had become a familiar place in the Middle East because of the trade, and also missionary work of Buddhists beyond the Indian subcontinent.

La Russie et l’alliance anglaise: Some scholars believe that Jesus spent the “lost 18 years” in an Essene community.

Then it goes into the alleged document itself.