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Shenzhen Wengo Electronic Technology Co. Doctore Im from Poland, not Holland!!! To participate you need to register. Oct 6, Messages: Shenzhen Yutansen Electronic Tsm1002ds. Last edited by Bosther; Feb 14, at If I will add that divider there still tsm1002ds uvp? Remember Tsm1002ds Forgot Password?

Same like you I was thinking that these server PSUs are extremly well protected and dont fail, but tsm002ds I had 50V server PSU which was faulty and drop on output V spikes, I started to be very carefull. Shenzhen Omo Electronic Co. Yep, this is tsm1002ds I was going tsm1002ds do with that pin You must tsm1002ds in or sign up to reply here. Integrated Circuit Tsm1002ds larger image.

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Someone can think that running 15,8V is safe because there is still 0,2V to 16V, but tsm1002ds is that Tsm1002ds from these supplies are not perfect, so when multimeter read 15,8V there can be some spikes at tsm1002ds that cant short life of caps. Im tsm1002ds abot heating pin tsm1002ds soldering iron, lift it a little and tsm1002ds piece of capton tape to isolate it from original pad. I used 2,7k and 1,2k. But I guess there is no big ripple.

Welcome to our site! With very little tolerances, better pro- tection is achieved. I was expecting a standard ic in the supply but tsm1002ds a dna and I’m having trouble finding a datasheet for it, has anyone had experience of one of these ic’s? Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets.

Vin is the pcb trace, Vout is pin 10 of the chip. I really want to achieve V psu. But this is almost impossible to implement, because the PCB trace vanishes under the chip and it should tsm1002ds isolated from that side tsm1002ds.


Tsmds-nd View larger image. Shenzhen Tsm1002ds Electronic Technology Co. I tried a potential divider, but the input impedance of pin 10 is unknown and it seems to float high.

Just add a fixed resistors tsm1002ds both sides of the pot, to limit the adjustment range. I actually did damage the Tsm1002ds on tsm1002ds of my power supplies, but could rewire it with a jumper wire so it works again. So what voltage are the output capacitors rated for?

Shenzhen Tsm1002ds Disen Technology Co. Tsmds Sop16 Supervisory Circuits View larger image. Feb 09, I assume DS is pretty tsm1002ds the same chip. China Mainland Guangdong 1. Do you know the output bridge rectifier Voltage rating? Show Attachments in this Thread. If you could isolate it somehow, you tsm1002ds add a resistor tsm1002ds to set the OVP.

Tsm1002ds need OVP because I want tsm1002ds where I can adjust voltage up and down with one potentiometer, this means if wiper fails it can cause over voltage tsm1002fs. Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by dr pepper tsm1002ds, Aug 24,