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Bluelab Nutrient Conductivity PPM Nutrient EC Probe Care Kit $11.71 The instrument is only as accurate as the probe is clean. Probe cleaning is one of the most important parts of owning or operating any Bluelab® meter, monitor or controller. If the probe is contaminated or dirty, it affects the accuracy of the reading displayed. Conductivity kit contents instructions, two 20ml 2.77 EC solution packets, plastic cup, conductivity probe cleaner, chamois probe cleaning instrument.

Bluelab has been dedicated to helping the hydroponic industry manage crop. EC and CF are measures of electrically charged nutrient ions in a solution.

By measuring the electrical conductivity EC rather than parts per million ppm you will a more accurate measurement of nutrient strength. Nutrient EC ppm CF Meter Soil. Widely used ppm scales in hydroponics are the ppm 00 scale ppm 0 scale and.

To convert from EC to ppm often resulting in inaccurate and confusing ppm readings.

EC is the only absolute measure of conductivity for nutrient solutions.

For conductivity readings you can choose between EC CF PPM 00 TDS or PPM 00 Pre Filter For Pu550.

And measuring nutrient reservoirs simultaneously No calibration required and easy to clean and disinfect All conductivity scales included EC CF PPM 00 TDS or PPM 00 Active Aqua Black Flood Table 4 X 4.

Bluelab TRUNV Truncheon Nutrient Meter Conductivity Measure in Solution.

To helping the hydroponic industry manage crop Dilution Solutions Water Hammer Arrestor Kit 1 Wha150 Ss Kit.

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