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Botanicare Black Grow Tray 3 X 3 $79.36 Botanicare 3 x 3 Inside Dimension Black Tray Botanicare trays are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of hydroponic applications and grow substrates. Our black plastic trays are 7 deep with a virgin U.V. resistant cap that wrap a core of 70% recycled plastic. Made in the USA using renewable solar energy. Made with recycled and recyclable materials. BPA free. Botanicare’s redesigned black premium ID trays offer professional hydroponic gardens with superior quality and performance. The ID trays now include a 7” deep sidewall that accommodates larger root masses, taller pots, and deeper saturation. Rounded, wider, drainage channels simplify cleaning while newly engineered corner gussets allow for greater support. The ID trays maintain Botanicare’s standard true, inside dimensions for maximum growth space. Made from recycled and recyclable ABS plastic. measurement from top of drainage grid to top of tray. Botanicare 3 x 3 Inside Dimension Black Tray Features Black 70% recycled plastic Premium Heavy Duty Tray Flanged tray edge Square drainage grid 7” sidewall height Outside Dimensions 41 x 41 x 7 Inside Dimensions 36 x 36 x 6 Gallons Capacity 36

Abs black plastic Diagonal drainage grid Easy to clean design Superior rigidity Ecoplus Hydro Flow Barbed Connectors 1 Inch Straight 10 Pack.

Our black plastic trays are deep. White trays are wrapped in virgin plastic which resists U. This product is definitely sturdier than other flood tables Ive had but cost twice as much Under Current Double Barrel 16 Xl13 Current Culture Ucdb16xl13. Botanicare OD Grow Tray ft x ft Black Ecoplus Adjustable Flow Rate Water Pump 291 Gph.

These trays sit in the precise footprint that their name suggests and fit easily into all growing tents on the market. Black trays Plastic Trays Trays Reservoirs White trays.

It came covered in scratches and large black scrapes all over. The Botanicare OD trays available only in black ABS plastic are formed with an easy to clean diagonal drainage grid to direct water towards drainage fittings. The Botanicare OD trays. Wide range of hydroponic applications and grow substrates.

Degradation and staining Quietcool Classic Whole House Fan Qc Cl 6000.

Botanicare Tray by Feet Gardening Tools And.

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