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Gavita Pro 600750 E Series Flex DE Fixture 120 240V $348.75 Growers House offers light design plans for large cultivation operations including greenhouses and indoor cultivation. If you would like assistance in setting up, organizing, and optimizing your new or already existing indoor garden, andor getting bulk pricing, please give us a call at 855 289 1441 or message us. NEW! Introducing Pro line e series Gavita Pro 6750e DE FLEX US The best just got better! The new Gavita Pro line e series are improved models and are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips. The Gavita Pro 600 Double Ended E Series is the most powerful and sophisticated indoor grow light available. In greenhouse areas where this unit is being used as supplemental lighting, it can cover up to a 8' x 8' area. If used as a primary light source, the Gavita Pro 1000 E Series Double Ended fixture can cover up to a 5' x 5' area. Use the Gavita Master Controllers to control up to 40 Gavita Master Controller EL1 or 80 Gavita Master Controller EL2 lights. New in the Pro line e series is the 6750e DE FLEX fixture, which utilizes a newly developed Gavita double ended Pro 750W 400V EL lamp. The control range of this lamp is 400 825W, bridging the gap between 600W and 1000W lamps. We named it 6750 DE FLEX because it is as efficient running on 600W as it is on 750W. In many cases it is a retrofit replacement for a 1000W air cooled fixture, while running at just 825W. This will save you up to 20% electricity. The output of the lamp, running at 750W, is 1500 mol s 1 2 mol s 1 per Watt. Efficiency of 2 umol s 1 per Watt in a wide control range of 600 825W. Thats flexibility! At 825W it rivals air cooled 1000W HPS fixtures with an output of 1650 umol s 1, while outshining the best 600W lamps at 600W. When necessary it can be dimmed down to 375W. Compatible with the new Gavita Master Controller, eliminating the need for timers and contactors. This fixture is suitable f

Input Connection IEC C1 Adjustable 00 00 00 0 W EXT Operating Temp. Gavita Pro 1000 DE 00 0 DE Light Review Under Current Double Barrel Xl13 Current Culture. In comes with Gavita Pro double ended Gavita Pro 600750 E Series Flex lamp and its size makes it perfect for low ceiling situations.

Gavita 0w E series Fixture. New in the Pro line e series is the 0e DE FLEX fixture which utilizes a newly developed. New in the Pro line e series is the 0e DE FLEX in completely new and improved.

This replaces the often cumbersome. Gavita Pro 0e DE Flex. The e in e series stands for external control. Gavita Pro 0e DE FLEX.

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Pro 1000 DE 00 0 DE Light Review. The new Gavita Pro 00 0e DE FLEX in completely new and improved.

It perfect for low ceiling situations.

New Gavita 0 00 E Ballast Review EL1 EL Controller Directions Gavita 00w E Fixture DE. The spread of the Pro 0 with the HR DE reflector which these have is about Nutri Nutrient Grow B 1 5 8. These fixtures can be controlled centrally by a Gavita Master controller.

Gavita Pro E Series 0e DE Flex Grow Light 1 0 0 Volt Garden Outdoor.

Gavita Pro 0e DE Flex 00 Watt 1 0 0 Volt.

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