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General Hydroponics Ripen 05 7 6 $26.63 Ripen 0.5 7 6 promotes increased and abundant flowering, with greater oil and fragrance production. This highly concentrated supplement provides macronutrients that are primarily responsible for flower and fruit growth. During the final stages of a fast growing perennials life cycle, the plant uses as much of its energy and resources as it can to produce huge beautiful flowers. This timing in the plants life is critical to the caliber and yield of the dense high quality flowers it produces. Nutrition is an often overlooked factor during these decisive few weeks. This final bulking stage is your last chance at pushing your flowers to their maximum potential. You can push your plants to new heights with the addition of specific ratios of nutrients that are critical to this process. Just as your plants require nitrogen during their vegetative stage of growth, they need critical phosphorus and potassium during their final ripening stage. Incorrect nutrient or lack of these essential elements can lead to flower die off and lower than expected yields. Ripen is a liquid finishing supplement that has been specifically engineered and developed to provide these essential macronutrients during this final stage in your high value crops life. We have engineered our formula to give your plants that extra push they beg for at the end of their life. We use a unique combination of pure minerals, seaweed, and phosphate rock in our proprietary blend. This product provides the essential combination of nutrients to pack that final punch for your plants to produce massive yields. Its highly soluble liquid form allows for easy application and plant availability of these nutrients. In addition, Ripen encourages your plants ability to produce essential fragrance compounds and oil production. Your yield will not only increase, but the quality of the end product will be higher. Think of Ripen as an investment in your plants. Your plants and your wallet will thank you!  BENEFITS OF USING

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Buy GH Ripen Gallon Everything FREE DELIVERY possible. General Hydroponics Ripen has all the necessary macro and micronutrients for the end of the plants life cycle. Promotes increased and abundant flowering with greater oil and fragrance. Https general hydroponics ripen 0? General Hydroponics HGC 1 0 0 FloraBloom 0 Use with FloraMicro.

Abundant flowering with greater oil and.

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Promotes increased and abundant flowering with greater oil and fragrance production.

All online orders are available to ship within business days. Ripen is highly concentrated and provides. Helps Prevent End Rot Tip Burn Clean Soluble gallon Brown A. Hello all I grow RDWC and intend to use GH Ripen for the last 10 days.

GH Ripen Quart Garden Outdoor.

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