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Greentrees Hydroponics Multi Flow Site System No Media $569.39 Greentrees Hydroponics Multi Flow Site System No Media The Greentrees Hydroponics Multi Flow System is essentially an ebb and flow hydro system. It uses gravity as its primary energy source for moving water through the system. The system is controlled by a unit assembly which consists of a 3.5 gallon container, with a timer and relay box mounted on the side, and float switches mounted inside of it. This controls the water levels in the system automatically. The controller's timer pins have a duration of 15 minutes. This allows for precise control over watering cycles. Each pin pushed down on the timer will water the system for 15 minutes. Compare this to other systems, most of which have timers with 30 minute increments. Plants really only need to be watered to the point the roots are saturated and then the water should be drained out. Additional watering can cause problems. In this ebb and flow system, as the water is drained out it actually pulls oxygen down to the roots. The Greentrees Hydroponics Multi Flow Site System is a simple. First you setup the pots on a level surface. Then you connect the pots together. Next you you connect the pump to the controller unit and set the desired watering times. After that, the nutrient solution will be pumped right when you scheduled it. The pumping will continue and gravity will push the water out to the other pots. Once the desired watering level is reached the float switches will then cut the power to the pump in the reservoir. As long as the timer is on the system will maintain this watering level. Once the timer turns off, the pump inside the controller is engaged and the nutrient solution is then pumped back into the reservoir. This will continue until the water level reaches the preset drain depth then the pump will be turned off. Since the pumps are only pumping a short distance, to and from the reservoir, wear and tear is greatly reduced and will ensure that your pumps last for a long time. The two gallon pots use

Greentrees hydroponics multi flow systems Grommets 250 Ct 34 Inch. This is the controller for the Multi Flow system.

This controller has a. Wishlist Login or Sign Up Order Status Shipping Returns. Comes with Hydroton growing medium.

Flow Site System contains bottom pots with grommets punched insert pots tee fittings.

Gardening Supplies Hydroponics Seed Starting Hydroponic Systems. More information. Hydroponic Systems Infographic Which system works best for you? Looking for a quick and simple complete hydroponic based growing system? Pierce Street Smartbee Rootguard 5 Pack.

10 Blue Add On Pots Tops Bottom Pots GreenTrees Hydroponics Multi Flow Condition. Complete Grow Systems 4 X 4 Grow Room 315w Cmh Coco Complete Grow Tent Package. Multi drift hydroponic device manufactured by greentrees. Hydroponics multi flow systems.

Accounts Orders. Get a great deal with this online auction for a multi flow hydroponic system control unit presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or. The Ebb Monster System is a multi site hydroponic system that uses two gallon buckets per site and.

Get a great deal with this online auction for a multi flow hydroponic system also called flood and drain is the.

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