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Integra Boost 2g Humidiccant Bulk 55 2000 Pack $240.00 HOW TO USE INTEGRA BOOST HUMIDITY PACKSIntegra BOOST packs are the simplest way to keep your plant material at the perfect moisture level. All you need to do is place a BOOST pack with the included indicator card with the contents to be preserved in an airtight container. The Integra BOOST humidity pack will control the humidity from there—releasing or absorbing moisture as needed until the humidity in the enclosed container reaches either 55% or 62% RH depending on which pack you opted for.  The Integra BOOST pack will continue to modulate the humidity—adjusting humidity levels as needed i.e. if the container is opened and closed to keep the relative humidity at the tested perfect levels of either 55% or 62% RH. The circular dot on the included Replacement Indicator Card will turn from red to blue when it’s time to replace your Integra BOOST pack with a fresh one.HOW LONG DO INTEGRA BOOST HUMIDITY PACKS LASTAs long as you size your Integra BOOST pack properly with the correct amount of plant material see the chart below, the Integra BOOST will last anywhere from a month to four months depending on how much you open and close your containers and how much moisture andor dryness the humidity pack needs to compensate for. WHAT SIZE INTEGRA HUMIDITY PACK DO I NEEDIntegra BOOST humidity packs come in many different sizes. Below is a breakdown of what size Integra BOOST humidity packs there are along with how much plant material they can store at the proper humidity levels. SHOULD I USE THE 55% OR THE 62% INTEGRA BOOST WHICH ONE IS BETTERThe difference between the 55% RH and 62% RH Integra BOOST packs is the relative humidity levels. 55% adds less moisture and 62% allows for more moisture. Some consumers have favored a slightly drier environment, with an RH as low as 55%. It all depends on your personal preferences and how long you intend to hold onto a given plant. They are both safe levels because they are both within the ideal range

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