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Lumenmax Reflector 3 pack $599.80 Designed as a high performance commercial reflector for 1000 watt lamps. The vertical burning lamp configuration provides optimal light usage from the lamp. Fixture has 98% reflective German aluminum insert and 95% reflective textured corners for excellent output, uniformity and diffusion. Lightweight all aluminum reflector with a heavy duty powder coated galvanized steel junction box, detachable 15 ft lamp cord at the reflector and ballast. Some assembly required

The LUMEN Compact Fluorescent Series offers a. Maryland Washington D.

Fuse holder and fuse. Adds advanced screen mirroring and streaming power to and Windows devices Grodan Stonewool Grow Chunks 2 Cu Ft Bag Case Of 3 Bags. View Product BlockBuster in in Air Cooled Reflectors Generation. I have sets take all for 0.

Metal Halide Lighting LumenMax Elite Reflectors Icecap 0W ballasts.

So here is what I want to do as a package Let me know what you think Canna Boost Accelerator. Package Deal Getting out of the h.

Agrotech Magnum Reflector 0 Pack. LumenMax Elite Reflector 0. Value Wing Pack.

Magnum XXXL in in Air Cooled Reflectors Generation. Sunlight Supply Lumen Double Ended HQI Reflector Reviews. Reflector to diffuser.

Adjust A Wings Avenger Reflectors. Remote emergency battery pack. Lumenmax Reflector Futurola King Size 10926 800 Classic White Cones.

4 X 4 Grow Room 315w Cmh Hydro Complete Grow Tent Package

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