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Method Seven 7 Resistance Perfect Color HPS Plus Glasses $165.00 Use coupon code METHOD7 to get 10% off your order! For a limited time only. The Method 7 Resistance glasses are different from the original Resistance glasses in that they come with a silver coating for versatility indoors and out. Method Seven glass lenses were developed so people who work under High Pressure Sodium Lighting HPS can protect their eyes and see natural colors. HPS lights are the most efficient and powerful light sources on the market for growing indoor plants. However, because these lights make everything look yellow, it is nearly impossible to evaluate the well being of plants when viewed under this lighting. Using Method Seven lenses you can see the natural colors of plants being grown under HPS Lighting conditions. There are also benefits for glass blowers in some applications when light intensity isn't too high. Unequivocally, the Rendition lens blocks, filters, alters, transforms, flips the yellowred light from HPS lighting into natural white light. Now you can accurately evaluate leaf and flower health. You can work comfortably and safely. Read your ph strip meter without moving outside. Work in your grow room like never before in perfect color. Wear your Method Seven's outdoors too! Method Seven Rendition Technology blocks and completely protects your eyes from all harmful UVAUVB light. Our glasses are appropriate to wear outdoors under any conditions which you choose. The lenses in The Resistance model glasses filter out less visible spectrum light than most medium and dark sunglass lenses which means they are a great choice for lower light conditions, like mountain biking in the fog, or skateboarding in the early morning, but they may not be your first choice for snowboarding on a sunny day when conditions are super bright. Our precision glass is melted and molded in Germany. The resulting molded lenses are ground, polished, cut and hardened in Italy. Our frames are made in Italy. Final assembly of glasses into frames is done in It

Glasses deliver epic color perception and superior. Ultimately all Method glasses deliver epic color perception and superior.


Providing perfect color this Resistance pair of glasses is an update on the original wrap around frame design. METHOD SEVEN GLASSES RESISTANCE PERFECT COLOR HPS PLUS 1 Method Seven. HPS Glasses for grow rooms feature unique mineral glass lenses that deliver perfect colour balancing in the intense yellow spectrum. Delivery time 10 days.

METHOD SEVEN PHONE TABLET CLIP PHOTO FILTER LED Method Seven Code 0. Other grow light glasses attempt to color balance the extreme light spectrum but use cheap plastic lenses with very poor clarity that distort light and are hazy. Method Seven Resistance Perfect Color HPS Ceramic Mh 315w Wing Reflector Package. Method Sevens Resistance HPS lenses are made from mineral glass and. Perfect Color HPS grow room glasses are the go to optical tool for indoor and outdoor growing under high pressure sodium lights. These mineral glass lenses are.

Protect your eyes in true colour.

Method Seven Resistance HPS Plus Glasses. Method Seven Resistance HPS Plus Method Seven Optics. Method Seven Evolution Perfect Color HPS Plus Matte Black. Resistance methodseven craftcannabis.

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