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NanoLux 1000W DE Complete Grow Fixture 277V w Lamp V2 App Version $334.81 Growers House offers light design plans for large cultivation operations including greenhouses and indoor cultivation. If you would like assistance in setting up, organizing, and optimizing your new or already existing indoor garden, andor getting bulk pricing, please give us a call at 855 289 1441 or message us. The Nanolux DE complete fixture has increased the standard 1150W to 1200W allowing the fixture to produce a class leading luminous flux of 160,300lm. The upgraded components, like ceramic bulb receptacles, make the Nanolux DE fixture the safest on the market. The Nanolux DE fixture is NCCS ready, meaning you will be able to control it wirelessly on your computer through the Nanolux Cloud Control System. Like all of our ballasts the DE comes with Random Start, Soft Start, and Soft Dimming capabilities. The traditional square hood is designed to work on a 5' on center application in conjunction with other DE fixtures. This is the secret to DE lighting. When used with the traditional square reflector, the DE will create an interlacing light pattern with the other lights. This interlacing allows for deeper light penetration. This results in denser fruit and flower sets all over the plant increasing yield by as much as 10%. All Nanolux ballasts are ETL listed meeting product safety standards. NanoLux 1000W DE Complete Grow Fixture 277V Features NCCS ready smart ballast technology Heavy duty die cast bridge will not rust like formed Lowest profile fixture on the market allowing for max plant height Ballast and reflector can be separated for Remote DE ballast use Class leading lowest operating temperature Redesigned and upgraded reflector that provides 8% better light uniformity than the competition Best in class 97% reflective German aluminum reflector Exclusive ceramic industrial grade receptacles The only wireless controlled DE on the market no need for relayslight control panels, or timers Plug and Play installation Random Start, Soft Start and Soft Dim

Complete fixtures are the most state of the art grow lights ever to be released by Nanolux. Reduced weight of the fixture makes the OG DE1000W ideal for hanging in grow tents.

The OG DE1000W is compatible with both NCCS and 0 10V controllers and. Fixture with 1000w DE HPS Lamp 1 0 0V Ballast Full Spectrum Grow. Nanolux NN 00 App Double Ended DE Fixture Ballast and. The Nanolux DE Fixture has the highest luminous flux output currently on the market at 1 0 00lm and an output of 1 1 watts. Nanolux OG 1000W Dimmable Digital Grow Light E Ballast Black.

Nanolux DE HPS 1000W Nanolux 1000w De Complete Grow Fixture Comparing Home versus Commercial.

Digital Grow. The ballast will correctly operate all HPS MH and CMH lamp configurations between 00W and 1000W.

1000W DE System Features 1000W DE Lamp. Super DE Double Ended Fixture 3 X 3 Grow Room 300w 4k Hlg Led Coco Complete Grow Tent Package. Also allows different lamp arm configurations and a variety of reflectors for different growing style. Item description. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Double Ended Grow Light Fixture 1 0 0V Dimmable Bvv 120lb Diptube Tank 502525 N Butaneiso Butanepropane Tri Blend 995 Guaranteed High Purity Usa. NanoLux is providing growers with a new level of automation for their grow lights. Grow Light Reflector BUYERS GUIDE What lamp reflector is best for?

NanoLux 1000W Double Ended OG Grow Light Fixture with DE HPS Lamp.

We were able to make a complete DE fixture that weighs less and costs less that our original. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Double Ended Grow Light Fixture 1 0 0V Ballast Full Spectrum Grow.

With more unique features and.

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