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Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Remote Ballast 120240v $119.23 Prism Lighting Science Ceramic Metal Halid Ballasts are designed to run 315W CMH lamps safely and effectively. UL listing and multiple ballast protections such as ignition failure protection offer safe usage for your indoor environment as well maximizing the PAR output of your Ceramic Metal Halide lamps. Compare to Philips CMHCDM ballast, with all the same functionality and 3 year warranty, at a fraction of the price. The Prism Lighting Science CMH Ballast was made to have all the features and technology needed for optimal performance with none of the expensive frills in order to keep it priced as competitively as possible. Comes with a 120v power cord. Ballast Specifications Wattage 315W Input Volt 120V240V Input Current 2.89A 1.42A Input Power 343W Min Power Factor .95 THD

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