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SG Lite Switchable MHHPS 1000w Magnetic Ballast $116.63 SG Lite Switchable MHHPS 1000w Ballast The SG Lite Magnetic Ballast comes with a dual receptacle that accepts both Hydrofarm and Standard reflectors. Get more ballast for your buck with the SG Lite 1000w Convertible Ballast, which is light on price but heavy on features. Experience the power of a ballast straight out of Hydrofarm’s value line. This ballast is built to last with a patented design that allows electrical contact to happen only when a seal is achieved. The SG Lite ballast offers a compact design, to save space in the grow room, and a water resistant seal to protect against misting and sprays. All SG Lite ballasts also feature the patented Lock Seal plug system, with recessed contacts to ensure safety during plug in a unique, circular prong pattern for secure electrical contact and a collar that protects against accidental electrical contact. Choose an SG Lite ballast for its 120V240V capability power cord included or for peace of mind – the SG Lite has been CSA certified. Patented Lock Seal Plug System The unique pin configuration and the recessed receptacle design offer convenience, safety, and a water resistant seal. This patented design allows electrical contact to happen only when a seal is achieved, guaranteeing the user's safety and preventing premature ballast failure that can occur in other brands due to inferior plug designs. Magnetic ballasts like this only come around once in awhile, the quality of this ballast is unsurpassed when compared to that of competitors.  Features Maximium Wattage 1000W Compact design Convertable can operate both HPS and MH bulbs Wall mounts built into unit can be mounted vertically Voltage 120V240V capable Max. Amperage 9.5 Low cost CSA certified ANSI S52M47 14 Gauge Power cord included Shipping weight 32lbs

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