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TrimR matic Electric HandHeld Trimmer $347.41 Trim'R Matic The Best Choice in Automatic Trimming The benefits of using an auto trimmer are many, including the savings on price over more costly method. The Trim'R Matic can easily reduce your pruning duties, with speeds of up to 12 cuts per second! No need to worry about sacrificing quality the Trim'R Matic handles easily and allows for higher levels of precision than trimming on your own with trimming scissors. Studies show that repeated activities with your hands and wrists can lead to all sorts of repetitive motion disorders using the Trim'R Matic helps eliminate those worries, as it does all that work for you! How does the Trim'R matic work The Trim'R Matic goes to work for you with an oscillating blade and two blades on either side that it traps the leaves of the plant between. Using the handy, built in speed controller, the user can change the speed of the trimmer from slow to high, and it also works as the off switch. The Trim'R Matic runs on 120v or 240v and plugs straight into the wall or power strip, which means that there is no heavy power supply to carry around, making trimming all that much easier. Includes Hard Case Trim'R Matic Power cord Speed dial Oil Pen

The TrimR Matic features a center blade that stops immediately as as something thicker and stonger than a leaf stem get in its way Accelaroot 50 Cell Tray.

With unmatched quality our grow boxes and. BROUGHT TO YOU BY DL WHOLESALE hydroponics 1000 trimr matic electric hand held trimmer Plant Success Organics Granular Mycorrhizae 3 1 2. The TrimR Matic triple your trimming output with speeds of up to 1 cuts per. Buy Trimr Matic Electric Hand Held Trimmer at Walmart. Electric Hand Held Trimmer at Walmart.

Shop the entire line of TrimR Matic products along with thousands of hydroponics.

Why Automatic?

The TrimR Matic will triple your trimming output with speeds of up to 1 cuts per Prism Lighting Science 315w Ceramic Mh Cmh Optimized Spectrum 4k Bulb.

How does the Matic at. The benefits of using an automatic trimmer are numerous. Free day shipping.

Built in speed controller. Buy the Handheld.

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