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Twister T6 Tumbler Standard 14 in wet $560.00 Wet Replacement tumbler for Twister T6 trimmer. Works with existing Twister T6 Trimmers. Tumbler can be switched from WET to DRY in seconds. 40 slots of stainless steel goodness, the T6 tumbler is our most advanced yet. A smaller diameter means greater efficiency and less damage to the flowers. It's as simple as that. Designed for wet trimming Engineered specifically for growers who want to trim wet. Hand trim quality Product trimmed with the Twister T6 WET has been lab tested to be equal or better than hand trimmed product Trim tight, trim safe Twister tumblers provide a trim that's tight, clean, yet gentle on your product.

Point adjustable blade. Twister T Trimming Machine Spare Parts Kit. Assembly disassembly Gavita Pro E Series Sl 1000e De Slim Line 208 240v W Hr96 Reflector. Enclosed belt drive.

The Twister T is designed and engineered with the highest grade materials. 0 Stainless steel tumbler.

Tightest cut in the industry.

The Twister T is a revolution in small batch trimming and automation.

All parts and accessories you need like the Quality Control Conveyers Wet Dry Tumblers replacement blades and more. The new design literally sets a new standard in home trimming. Twister Trimmers at the best price. Diameter tumbler.

Twister T Trimming Machine Only Leaf Vacuum Collector Option Sold Separately. Twister T Tumbler Standard 1 in wet. This is the Standard version that features a new diameter tumbler. 1 Fans 1 Fans 1 Fans Floor Wall and Ceiling Fans. Rotary blade system. We every replacement part available for your Twister T you can get your.

Twister T Extreme Tumbler. Twister T Trimming Machine Twister T Extrem.

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