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Xtreme Gardening Mykos WP $22.07 Mykos WP Wettable Powder is processed to provide effective inoculants that may be injected through a sprayer, applied in hydroponic reservoirs, and used as a seed or cloning treatment. Can also be used to dust or drench roots of all transplants. MykosWP is our World Record Breaking Mykos which has been milled by proprietary methods to ensure spore viability. MykosWP can be mixed with water for injection or hydroponic systems, or can be used as a seed coating. Cuttings Starts Soak Add 14 cup 4 tbsp per gal water. Soak plugs in solution for 10 min prior to placing new cuttings. For best results use with Azos. Established Plants Root Drench Add 14 cup per gal water. Mix thoroughly. Pour 2 cups solution at base of each plant. 1 gal treats 8 plants. Hydroponics Irrigation Reservoirs Add 12 cup per 50 gal water. Keep well oxygenated with air stones or pumps. Flowering Fruiting Plants Apply Root Drench or add to Reservoir. No need to apply after the second week of flower. Note Mineral salts have been shown to suppress beneficial microbes. Use unchlorinated water for best results. Improves Root Structures Increases Nutrient Uptake Promotes Natural Biology Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers Designed for supplemental use in Hydroponics, Irrigationand as a Root Drench for Established Plants

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